Practice Areas


If you are buying, selling, leasing, or just refinancing, come and talk with us. Whether it is a residential or commercial transaction, we can assist you so that the transaction goes smoothly with the desired result. If we feel that there are issues beyond our expertise or competence, we will refer you to the appropriate professional for additional advice to ensure the best end result for you with the least possible expense.


Thinking of starting your own business or buying an existing business, come and talk with us to ensure it gets done properly. In conjunction with your other professionals, we can ensure that whether you start off as a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or as a corporation, your business will be set up to succeed. Will you need a marriage contract to protect your assets? Will you need a partnership or shareholder agreement? Should you wish to wind down the business much later, we can assist you with those steps as well.


Have you been charged with an offence under the Criminal Code, or some Provincial statute? Come and see us. We can assist you with bail if necessary, and present your defence in court to ensure you get a fair trial.


Do you have a family? Own a home or vehicle? Have investments or a pension? We can prepare a will and powers of attorney to ensure that the assets that you have accumulated go to the persons you choose OR in case of your incapacity, that someone can manage your affairs in the way that you would want them managed.  In the event of death, we can assist your Estate Trustee (Executor) with all legal matters that relate to the administration of an estate to ensure that things get done quickly and in the manner as provided for in your will.


Separating? Wanting a divorce? These are difficult times in a person’s life and we can help with custody, support, or division of assets issues. Call us to see what your rights are and how these issues can be resolved.